How it works 

HypeWatching's purpose is to inform you of new trends that are developing around the world in various fields.

Who decides which hypes are popular? 

Everyone! HypeWatching is crowdsourced!

People enter new hypes they notice around them. Other people endorse or reject the hype. The more people endorse it, the more likely it is that the hype is real.

How good are you at predicting trends? 

To reward the participants, HypeWatching gives points to people who guess right, and deducts points from people who guess wrong.

Everyone can enter a new hype, and everyone can vote once on each hype. However, you cannot change your vote later on!

The best hype predictor each month gets a USD $100 reward, which will be paid via PayPal. The winner will be contacted via their registered email in the first week of the following month.

You also earn points when you add hypes or when other people upvote a hype you created.


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