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                                              We spend a lot of time on research and data mining so you don't have to

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                                              Hundreds of people around the world give each other valuable insights on what's trending in specific cities



                                              We use sophisticated mathematical tools to show you relevant trends in this data



                                              Some people just seem to know the future. These people have more influence on our platform

                                              Discover how good you are at predicting trends!


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                                              When you post on the forums and people like your posts, you gain Experience and become a prominent member of the community


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                                              Get in early on big trends and collect Hype Points! Your HP shows you how good you are at correctly predicting trends

                                              Frequently asked questions

                                              What is HypeWatching exactly?

                                              A website dedicated to showing you exciting, trending things around the world, in every possible category. We use crowdsourced replies and industry insider's opinions to sketch an accurate picture of which things are trending at the moment.

                                              Why did you make this?

                                              Hi, we're two developers and we've always been fascinated by trends, where they come from and how they evolve over time. To our surprise this service didn't exist yet so we built a solution to our own poblem :)

                                              Can you explain how it works?

                                              There are a few key features that make this work:

                                              • Hierarchical – trends at a specific city or suburb are counted towards the total in a broader region, country and in the world
                                              • Crowdsourced – our contributors can submit new trends at any time, trends are grouped in a smart way
                                              • Algorithmic – hype score is calculated based on freshness, number of votes and other factors. After a while trends drop off the charts automatically.

                                              I have a question!

                                              Email us at hello@hypewatching.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

                                              Why do I need to sign up?

                                              We tried to make the site work with anonymous users only, but this prohibited people from voting, commenting etc. The quality of the content was lower and there was a lot more spam.

                                              How does this system with the Hype Points and Experience work?

                                              We want to show you accurate trends. This is only possible if we reward the best trendspotters. We also need to make sure you don't just vote on every possible trend. This is why there are Hype Points to collect (which you can use to vote on trends and to add new ones) and Experience (which indicates how good you are at predicting trends).

                                              What's the difference between HypeWatching and Google Trends?

                                              We're working towards a system where the most current and accurate data is open to use through an API. More importantly, search-based trends are inherently flawed in that they can only tell us what's already popular. When people actively think about what's becoming a hype they get more accurate results. In our system, votes from people who are good at predicting trends have more weight which means we are becoming pretty good at actually predicting recent and even future trends.

                                              When will the API be available?

                                              No idea yet but we will keep you posted!


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